Legal Framework  
Law 4099/2012 (Mutual Funds replaced the previous law 3283/2004)  
Law 3556/2007 article 28, amendments and additions of Law 3283/2004 (Mutual Funds)  

  Hellenic Capital Market Commission Decisions 

HCMC Decision 2/435/12.7.2007: Exchange Traded Funds  
HCMC Decision 3/435/12.7.2007: Index tracking by mutual funds  
HCMC Decision 1/438/1.8.2007: Securities contribution for acquisition of Mutual Fund units  
 ATHEX Rulebook  - Listing and Trading  
ATHEX Rulebook  
 ATHEXCSD and ATHEXClear Rulebooks - Clearing and Settlement  
Regulation of clearing of transferable securities transactions in Book Entry form  
Regulation on the operation of the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS)  
 ATHEX, ATHEXCSD and ATHEXClear BoD Resolutions  
ATHEX Resolution No. 28: Documents required for the primary listing of transferable securities in the ATHEX  
ATHEX Resolution No. 2: Procedure for acquiring the Market Maker capacity in the Regulated Markets of ATHEX and the Alternative Market (EN.A)  
 ATHEX Resolution No. 22: Regulation of Technical Issues for Trading in the ATHEX Markets  
 Lending - Borrowing - Short Selling  
ATHEX Resolution No. 17: Stock Repo  
ATHEX Resolution No. 18: Stock Reverse Repo  
ATHEX Resolution No. 19: Procedures of readjustment in Repo Contracts in case of corporate actions  
ATHEX Resolution No. 20: Special Type Repurchase Agreements (STRAs) of ATHEX's Derivatives (Repos) Market  
ETFs Units Lending: Borrowing and Short Selling. Informative document  
 Pricing Policy  
ATHEX Resolution No. 24: Fee schedule for the ATHEX markets  
ATHEXCSD Resolution No. 1 : Fees & Charges for the Administration & Operation of the Clearing System  
ATHEXClear Resolution No. 10: Fees & Charges for the Administration & Operation of the Clearing System  
 Margin and Clearing Member Guarantees  
ATHEXClear Resolution No. 7: Margin and Clearing Member Guarantees  
 Information Dissemination  
ETFs Information Dissemination (only available in Greek)  






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