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Gain access and safely invest in international markets and numerous instruments in an easy and flexible way through the reliable and cost-effective suite of Xnet services

 Facilitation of trading with order routing through ATHEX GW, API or Xnet client  Various options of market data services (delayed or real time) Post trading services Settlement and custody services via links to foreign CSDs and custodians


What is Xnet network
Xnet is a network of services though which ATHEX Group provides to investment services firms (ISFs) or/and banks:
  • the ability to trade in international securities, on a real time basis, through the use of centralized infrastructure
  • with the support of corresponding data feed on the relevant prices
  • offering, in the same time, up to date and reliable custody services through its Registry infrastructure

on over 4.000 tradable instruments (mainly stocks and ETFs), covering in this way all the developed markets of America (USA and Canada) and Europe (United Kingdom - LSE & IOB, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, IIreland. Italy, Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Finland), plus some more only for settlement and custody (Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa).

The aforementioned services already enjoy:

  • more than twenty (20) intermediary companies (participants at the leg of orders execution) whereas other eight (8) are in the process of on boarding, and
  • over 70 custodians
Who it addresses to
It addresses to:
  • Investment services firms (ISFs) which have the license of order routing
  • Investment services firms (ISFs) or banks which realize post trading activities
  • Investment services firms (ISFs) or banks which offer custody services
Why choose it

Because the ATHEX Group:

  • brings the world of international markets close to you through a regulatory framework in competitive fees
  • manages your on boarding process and makes your participation simple and easy
  • offers the infrastructure so as your activity is realized within a familiar technical environment
  • is always by your side to support you to all of your requirements
  • displays the foreign securities obtained via Xnet in the end investor's account in the Dematelialized Securities System (DSS), and provides him with the opportunity to transfered from foreign custodians to the ATHEX's Central Securities Depository (ATHEXCSD) titles he owns.
What it offers

The Xnet network:

  • is governed by a regulatory framework
  • offers integrated services for activation in international markets through state of the art technology infrastructure which inspire safety and trust
    • order routing - Xorder
    • market data feed and news - Xinfo
    • transactions arrangement - Xsettle
    • display of positions in the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS) - Investor CSD
  • informs on the markets and instruments in which you can trade as well as the Xnet participants involved
  • informs on anything new within the Xnet environment
  • it is supported by front office and back office software
  • under the login area detailed information is offered, regarding the participants' on boarding procedure to the networ (contracts, application forms, technical specifications and more), as well as statistical data about the size and the evolution of the trading activity via Xnet.
Contact us
If you are a legal entity (Investment Services Firm (ISF) or bank) and wish to become an Xnet Participant contact us. If you are an end investor address to the brokerage firms and custodians of Xnet network.




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