ALPHA BANK S.A. - Announcement of regulated information regarding the Bank’s share capital and the number of shares and voting rights, in accordance with par. 5, article 9, of L.3556/2007 [22.02.2021]

Alpha Bank (The «Bank») informs the public in accordance with par 5, article 9, of L.3556/2007, as in force, and in order to facilitate the calculation of the acquisition or disposal thresholds of significant shareholdings from shareholders or owners of voting rights, that, pursuant to the implementation of the Bank's five-year Stock Options Plan and following the share capital increase due to the first exercise period of the granted options, the Bank's share capital amounts to Euro 463,794,329.10 divided into 1,545,981,097 common, registered shares with voting rights at a nominal value of Euro 0.30 each.
Finally, it is noted that the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund, governed according to the provisions of L.3864/2010, holds 169,174,167 shares of the abovementioned outstanding number of shares.



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