Athens, 4 July 2019





In its efforts to provide full and correct information to the public and to correct inaccurate information contained in press reports, National Bank of Greece, further to its announcement dated 10/6/2019, informs investors that: (i) it has already filed petitions for cancellation and suspension, which have not yet been heard (and naturally a court decision thereon has not yet been issued) against the decisions of the Deputy Minister of Labor, Social Security and Social Contribution and the ETEAEP act regarding implementation of article 24 of Law 4618/19 re imposition of additional insurance contributions (which is contrary to fundamental constitutional provisions), and (ii) the Chair of the competent Chamber of the Council of State dismissed the petition for a freezing injunction (until issuance of a court decision on the petition for suspension), as she presumed, without examining the substance of the case, that irreparable damage will not occur. It is clear that the said judicial action of the Chair of the Council of State under no circumstances prejudices the judgement on the pending petitions for cancellation and suspension, the outcome of which will be disclosed to the investor public by NBG as provided for by law.


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