Announcement of adjustable information based on Law 3556/2007

Sale of treasury shares

The management of ELLAKTOR SA, according to currently legislation, the decision of its BoD dated August 12th, 2019, and its relative announcements dated August 12th and 13th , 2019, as well as in order to inform the investment community, notifies that, on Tuesday, August 13th, 2019, proceeded to the sale of the totality of treasury shares held by the Company, i.e. 4,570,034 treasury shares (2.13% of its share capital), with a sale price of 2.00 € per share and a total value of 9,140,068.00 €.  The above transaction took place through a private placement.

Noted well that the above shares had been acquired by virtue of decisions taken by the General Meetings of the Company's Shareholders held on 10.12.2007, 09.12.2008 and 25.07.2018.

Kifissia, 13.08.2019


Sale of Treasury Shares

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