Announcement for the Extraordinary General Assembly of March 27th, 2020


For the Extraordinary General Assembly of March 27th, 2020

Athens, Greece – March 24, 2020– Following its announcement dated March 18th, 2020 regarding the Extraordinary General Assembly planned for March 27th, 2020 with sole subject the approval of an own share buyback program, and taking into account (a) the recent imposition of temporary movement restrictions to confront the risk of dissemination of COVID-19 (Government Gazette issue B 986/22.03.2020), and (b) that exceptions under such movement control order are provided to the extent a specific need cannot be otherwise addressed, MYTILINEOS informs its shareholders of the following:

(a)       Points out that based on the authorizations received so far, the quorum required to resolve on the item being the sole subject of the assembly, has been attained, reminds the shareholders of the possibility to participate in the assembly through an authorized representative;

(b)       Encourages shareholders to make use of the possibility to authorize employees of the company to represent them and vote on their behalf in the assembly in accordance with their written vote instructions;

(c)       Reminds shareholders who wish to make use of the aforementioned option to contact Investor Relations at +30210-6877436 or by email The company will use best endeavors to enable and support the shareholders to address their authorizations and voting instructions and, in that way, to exercise their voting right.

MYTILINEOS continues its operations with a sense of responsibility, following all developments and complying with instructions of the authorities. It invites shareholders to follow its website for any subsequent announcements with respect to the forthcoming General Assembly.


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