Announcement of Regulated Information According to Law 3556/2007

EUROPEAN RELIANCE SA (the Company) announces that pursuant to the provisions of Law. 3556/2007, L.3340 / 2005, Decision 1/434/03.07.2007, the Circular 33 and Decision 3/347 / 12.07.2005 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, that Mr. Georgakopoulos Christos, Chief Executive Officer - Executive Member of the Board, of the company European Reliance General  Insurance Company SA, proceeded on 02/12/2019 to the purchase of 80,000 common shares with total net amount of 380,000 euros. With the above purchase, the direct shares of European Reliance General Insurance Company S.A. held by Mr. Georgakopoulos, amount to 3,193,881 shares (percentage of 11.6126%) while the total number of direct and indirect shares held is 7,165,775 shares (percentage of 26.0539%).

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