Annual General Meeting Resolutions

At the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of the company's shareholders which was held on Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 at 12.00, remotely in real-time via teleconference due to the extraordinary situation and within the preventive measures for the spread of covid-19, participated in conformity with the law either in person or by proxy shareholders, representing 114.361.976 common shares of the total 136.059.759 common shares, equal to the percentage 84,05% of the Company's paid-up share capital. The shareholders discussed and adopted the following resolutions for the items of the agenda:
1. Approved the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders as of 21.1.2020 on the distribution of extraordinary dividend of 29.933.146,98 euros, which was part of the extraordinary reserves and non-distributed profits of the financial year from 1.7.2014 to 30.6.2015.
2. Approved the Annual Financial Report (of the Company and the Group) for the sub 12-moth financial year from 01.07.2019 to 31.06.2019, which includes the annual separate and consolidated financial statements, the relevant Board of Directors' statements and Statutory Auditors' reports.
3. Approved the distribution of profits for the closing sub 12-month corporate year from 01.07.2019 to 31.12.2019 and distribution of dividends from the closing corporate year profits.
4. Board of Directors' approved of the overall management of the Company for the financial year from 01.07.2019 to 31.12.2019 in accordance with article 108 of Law 4548/2018 as effective and discharge of the Statutory Auditors for the financial year from 01.07.2019 to 31.12.2019 in accordance with article 117 par.1 (c), of Law 4548/2018.
5. Approved of the remuneration of certain members of the Board of Directors of the company from the profits of the closing sub-12 month financial year from 01.07.2019-31.12.2019 according to article 109 of Law 4548/2018, as effective.
6. Elected the Auditing Firm for audit of financial statements for the financial year 1.1.2020 to 31.12.2020 and determination of the auditors' fees.
7. Voted the Remuneration Report for the fiscal year from 01.07.2019 to 31.12.2019 in accordance with article 112 of law 4548/2018.


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