Confirmation of overexpected growth of Informatics

Informatics during the financial year 2000 achieved to longexceed about 65% of goals that were set before starting dealing in the Greek Stock Exchange.More specifically, in accordance with the financial statement of 2000, consolidated turnover exceeded 49.000.000 Euro, achieving an increase of 90%. Furthermore, profit before taxes, interests and depreciation (EBITDA) exceeded 5.600.000 Euro, showing the growth of the company during the last period. The operating profit before taxes, which come from the main activity of the company, reached approximately 2.500.000 Euro, an increase of 87,5%. The total profit of the group of companies of Informatics before participating rights is 3.448.276 Euro.The company used 100% of the funds withdrawn in public listing, in a two months period, in accordance with the investment plan it presented to investors. The management of the company considers that this was crucial for its success and proves that it kept the promises it gave to its shareholders during last year.Informatics during last year, besides the development of internal structure and expansion of its activities in the whole spectrum of information market, has obtained participation in companies from the same field in Greece and Holland. Informatics informed the shareholders by giving out information bulletin, which present analytically the participation of the company and the way they affect the progress of the company.For 2001, Informatics expects similar trend in the next year of figures and further penetration in Hollander market with a series of scheduled movements. Also, the penetration of the company in the field of mobile telephony and the creation of Cool Net chain of shops will bring more benefits in the company and its cooperators.Informatics is going to release the information about its goals per activity for 2001 very soon, which are estimated to be at the double the levels comparing with the figures of previous year. For more information you can contact with Public Relations Department of Informatics at 23 70 300.


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