Contractor declaration for the project "Repairs of Pavements and Rails for RMG Cranes of Pier I Container Terminal"


The PPA S.A. announces that the tender regarding the project “Repairs of Pavements and Rails for RMG Cranes of Pier I Container Terminal” within the framework of Mandatory Education 02 has been completed and the Contractor awarded is “UNION OF COMPANIES DAMON A.T.E. - TECHNIKI ERGON S.A. – S. TSAKOUMAGKOS A.T.E.” for the amount of € 6,800,474.91 (plus VAT).


The aforementioned project regards the upgrade of Pier I in order to reach smooth and modern operation at the Container Terminal. It includes the dismantling of the existing rails system in the four (4) RMG cranes lanes, the soil improvement, the installation of new rail systems, the construction of a new drainage network, the demolition of the existing damaged concrete pavements in Pier I areas and afterwards their reconstruction.


At the same time, PPA S.A. proceeds to the upgrade of its Electromechanical Equipment with the award of the procurement and installation of one (1) Super Post Panamax Type Ship to Shore Quay Crane, which will operate at Pier I Container Terminal of PPA. S.A., in order to reinforce the company's loading & discharging container operation services. The project's budget is € 9.000.000.


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