In response to the ?message? of 2004, we have overcome the usual restraints of acting competitively by bringing together FAGE and DELTA to jointly challenge the Major Sponsorship of 2004.We mutually considered that our inevitable pursuit to take on this sponsorship, in order to be present in the pre-eminently Greek event of the return of the Olympics to the land that gave birth to the Olympic Spirit, should not be hindered by competition between us, nor by the necessary financial burden which is disproportionately large given the limited size of the Greek market.We, therefore, decided to seek the Major Sponsorship jointly, thereby supporting the common effort for a perfect organization of the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 through the active participation of both our great Greek manufacturing and commercial enterprises.It was with great satisfaction that we received the decision of the Olympic Games Organizational Committee (OEOA) declaring us Major Sponsors for the ?Athens 2004? Olympiad. This will also serve to inform all Greeks but also the visitors to our country of our sports-friendly attitude and of the high level of technological and economic progress, as expressed by the quality of our products, which will from now on circulate and be consumed carrying the Olympic Games logos, right up to 2004.In view of the above, our companies have agreed that DELTA will operate as MAJOR SPONSOR for milk and ice creams, while FAGE will be the MAJOR SPONSOR for yogurt, cheese and cream products.The two companies will together share the cost of sponsorship and will make use of their sponsorship rights with a special sense of responsibility, responding faithfully and precisely to the principles and programmes of action of the responsible bodies of OEOA ?ATHENS 2004?. The aim of perfectly organizing and conducting the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens is also the aim of the companies FAGE · DELTA. It is the aim of their administrations and the aspiration of their employees.In conclusion, let it be said that the two companies will continue to compete in the business arena.


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