Disclosure of significant change in voting rights according to L. 3556/2007

According to L.3556/2007, GEK TERNA SA discloses that a notification was received today by the company York Capital Management Global Advisors, LLC, which the latter submitted on behalf of the company York Global Finance Offshore BDH (Luxembourg) S.a.r.l., according to which on March 24, 2020 there was a change (decrease) which decreased below 5%, its withholding voting rights.

According to the above mentioned notification, the company York Global Finance Offshore BDH (Luxembourg) S.a.r.l., is a 100% subsidiary of York Global Finance Offshore BDH, LLC, the senior managing member of which is the company York Global Finance  Manager, LLC, which in turn is controlled by York Capital Management  Global Advisors, LLC.

Number of shares and voting rights as per the previous notification of transaction: 7,909,588 thus 7.6477 % of the total voting rights of the company GEK TERNA SA.   


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