Information regarding Bondholders Meeting of the CBL 2020



(hereinafter, the “Company”)

Information regarding Bondholders Meeting of the common bond loan of an amount of euro 500,000,000 of the Company (hereinafter, the “CBL 2020”)

The Company announces that today, 27th June, 2022, the Meeting of the Bondholders of the bond loan issued pursuant to the Common Bond Loan Programme of an amount up to euro 500,000,000 and Agreement on Appointment of the Bondholder Agent, dated 19.06.2020 (hereinafter, “CBL 2020 Programme”) , which had been convened for all bondholders exclusively by electronic means, without the physical presence of the bondholders, the quorum required for decision-making on the agenda item was not achieved, as the bondholders representing 40.31% of the total outstanding principal amount of the CBL 2020 Programme were present at the Meeting.

Pursuant to the provisions of the CBL 2020 Programme and the Invitation to a Meeting of the Bondholders of the CBL 2020, dated 16.06.2022, the Bondholders' Meeting will be repeated on Thursday, 30 June 2022, at 13.00 p.m., exclusively by electronic means as described in detail in the Invitation dated 16.06.2022.

It is reminded that the right to participate and vote in the repetitive Bondholders' Meeting of June 30, 2022 is held by those who appear as bondholders in the records of the Dematerialised Securities System (DSS) managed by the company "Greek Central Securities Depository SA" (ATHEXCSD) or those identified as such through registered intermediaries or other intermediaries, subject to the provisions of the relevant legislation, at the beginning of the fifth business day prior to the day of the meeting of the initial Bondholders' Meeting, i.e. 20.06.2022 (Record Date), without the need to restrict their Bonds.


Athens, 27 June 2022



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