OTE’s customers stated to be satisfied, according to research conducted in 1999.

Emphasizing constant improvement and client satisfaction, OTE, from 1998, has gradually put to operation a ?barometer? for the continuous measurement of client satisfaction. According to the measurements of 1999, both residential and business customers, acknowledge the great progress OTE has realized during last years. More specifically, the category of residential customers shows a relatively high satisfaction grade from the offered products / services. On the contrary, companies ·and especially those that have big telecom expenses- find that OTE may be further improved, mainly from the service point of view. Both categories consider positive the forthcoming deregulation of the Greek telecom market.Three independent telephone researches at samples of 5900, 2700 and 1800 residential customers were conducted within June - October 1999. The results showed that 61% declared to be ?very satisfied?, giving OTE at least a 10% advance among other Public Sector' Companies. Furthermore, 90% agree that OTE is a continuously modernizing company.More specifically: ·92% declare to be satisfied from a recent telephone connection or transfer, ·78% declare to be satisfied from a recent telephone failure repair, ·81% declare to be very satisfied from the services provided by the ?131? Call Centre, ·74% declare to be very satisfied from OTE shops while, ·at least 95% declare to be satisfied from the staff behaviour.Nevertheless, only a few residential customers use the new products and services offered through OTE's digital centers. The majority makes use only of basic telephony and hence does not await anything better or different from what OTE already offers. Moreover, despite important information efforts, customers' knowledge concerning both new services and tariffs appear to be low: only one to five knows the cost of a one minute urban call while less than one to twenty knows the cost of a one minute long-distance call.A similar research for business customers was conducted during September - November 1999, using personal interviews at an indicative sample of 2500 corporate officers. Results showed that, in many areas, small companies have a similar attitude towards OTE with residential customers. On the contrary, medium and big enterprises have higher demands from OTE, in relation to the fact that they are aware of the forthcoming opening of the telecom market.In the business sector, OTE's image is clearly improved compared with 1998 (50% of ?very satisfied? customers), an outcome which can be attributed to: ·the general increase of the role of telecommunications in companies, ·the overall improvement in Public Sector' Companies image during last years, ·OTE's modernizing efforts, with the implementation of information and advertising policies.Especially for specific product categories, aiming primarily at business customers, such as ISDN lines, HellasPac and HellasCom networks or leased circuits, the percentages of ?very satisfied? customers vary from 51% to 70%, depending on the product. Finally, concerning staff's behaviour, the percentages of ?very satisfied? business customers vary from 65% to 75%, depending on the occasion.


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