M.J. Maillis Group announces its consolidated results for 2000: - Consolidated Group Sales of 78.2 billion GRD versus 33.7 billion GRD in 1999, resulting in an increase of 132%. - Consolidated Group E.B.T. of 9.4 billion GRD versus 5.9 billion GRD in 1999, resulting in an increase of 59%.It has to be restated that a significant amount of extraordinary income was included in the 1999 results. Taking out the effect of this income would result in a P.B.T. growth rate of 104%.Year 2000 was a crossroads point for Group M.J.Maillis due to the fact that a multinational organization was established whereas all 25 affiliates are strategically active in the secondary packaging field.All targets that were set for the Group since the beginning of 2000 have been fully achieved, while, at the same time, the substantial infrastructure for further development within 2001 has been completed.The Group expects an organic growth of 25% for 2001, as a result of synergies, economies of scale and the full integration of all new affiliates. The above translates a consolidated turnover for 2001 in the level of 100bln GRD.It should also be mentioned that 26bln GRD are still in the Group's cashing accounts from the last capital increase. Taking into account the new acquisitions that the Group will complete within 2001 as a result of the above-mentioned capital base, the potential for this upcoming year will be accelerated.


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