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8th Greek Investment Forum in NY

13 Ιουνίου 2019

8th Greek Investment Forum in NY




Under the Greek Investment Roadshow in the US, the 8th Hellenic Investment Forum in New York, organized by the Athens Stock Exchange and the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce, with the support of Enterprise Greece, was successfully completed from 11 to 12 June 2019. The 8th Greek Investment Forum in New York, combined with visits to Washington for meetings with business and state bodies and influential groups in San Francisco for meetings with the technology ecosystem, innovation and startups.

The Greek Investment Roadshow in the USA is an initiative of the aforementioned agencies, which have joined forces to promote in the best way possible our country's business and investment opportunities in the USA and the prospects of a broader Greek-American partnership in the economy and trade.

The delegation also included the Alternate Minister of Finance George Chouliarakis.


The listed companies that took part, in alphabetical order,
represented at top management level, are:
4.    AUTOHELLAS   13.    OPAP


Management representatives and investment relations managers from these companies had B2B meetings with fund managers and investment firms. There was a total participation of 61 investment funds, 72 portfolio managers whereas 267 one-on-one meetings were held with the listed companies.

A briefing session was organised in the framework of the Forum, on the theme of: "Outlook and prospects of the Greek Economy".

At the beginning of the event, Socrates Lazaridis, CEO of the ATHEX Group, underlined: "The Greek stock market, since the onset of 2019, has been reflecting the improvements noted in the economy as well as the increasing expectations, with the general index recording a 37% increase, the highest internationally. This positive performance and increased liquidity are to a great extent driven by the ongoing improvement of the fundamentals of listed companies, and the assessment that banks are effectively managing the NPEs".

The President of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, Simos Anastasopoulos stated: "The course of the Greek economy and the stability that is reinforced both by the announcement of the elections and the short election period as well as the prospect of a new reform effort by the new government that will emerge on the 7th of July, gives rise to heightened investment interest by the markets, as we witnessed in the 8th Investment Forum of New York".ynote speaker at the event was George Chouliarakis, Alternate Minister of Finance, who referred to the significant changes made to reinforce the Greek economy over the past four years, allowing it to restore its credibility, stabilise its position in the European Monetary Union and recover its access to the international markets. He further elaborated on the positive prospects of the Greek economy as the climate of confidence is solidified and recovery is boosted, but also noted the risks emerging from a gradually worsening international economic environment and the challenges this entails for the implementation of economic policy in Greece.

He was followed by Willem H. Buiter, Special Economic Advisor of Citi in New York, who talked on the subject of: "Greece and Europe: Outlook and Prospects", Elias Eliadis, Deputy Director Investment Facilitation of Enterprise Greece, on the subject of: "Greece in the spotlight: Investment Opportunities for International Investors" and Ira Kalish, Chief Global Economist, Deloitte in New York, on the subject of: "Global Economic Trends and Greece".

At the closing of the briefing session, the Chairman of the Athens Exchange Group, George Handjinicolaou, stated: "The presentations made in the framework of the Forum confirmed the significant improvement of the climate of confidence inside and outside the country, and the prospects of the growth of the Greek economy. The stabilisation of the banking system, in conjunction with the return of banks to profitability and the accelerated management of the NPEs, ensures their capability to finance the growth of the Greek economy. To implement the foregoing, what we need is absolute focus on the implementation of the reforms to create a more investment-friendly environment. In this context, the Greek Stock Exchange, being the key mechanism through foreign investment is channelled, will serve as the catalyst for the country's growth, as it has demonstrably done over time".

Finally, once again this year, the Forum was sponsored by leading Greek and foreign market stakeholders of international prestige. More specifically, Gold Sponsors of the Forum were Alpha Finance, Citi, Eurobank Equities/Auerbach Grayson, Investment Βank of Greece, Morgan Stanley, ΝΒG Securities/ Rosenblatt Securities and Piraeus Securities and Silver Sponsor was Deloitte.


Speakers of the 8th Greek Investment Forum

George Chouliarakis
Alternate Minister of Finance
  George Handjinicolaou,
Chairman of the Athens Exchange Group
Simos Anastasopoulos
President of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce
  Socrates Lazaridis
CEO of the ATHEX Group
Willem H. Buiter
Special Economic Advisor - Citi
  Elias Eliadis
Deputy Director Investment Facilitation of Enterprise Greece
Ira Kalish
Chief Global Economist - Deloitte
Award of participants



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