Specialized services

Services related to the Shareholders' file

The Athens Exchange offers specialized services to the issuers regarding their shareholders' file. Specifically:

  •  Through the electronic application for the issuers' online information (AxiaLINE), the issuers receive the following:
  • daily file of cleared transactions (ASCII file format), according to which the issuer composes the complete picture of its shareholders' file through a particular application,
  • complete shareholders' file (ASCII file format), upon request of the issuer or due to the execution of a corporate action in the Dematerialised Securities System (D.S.S.).

At this point, it must be marked that the aforementioned electronic information the issuers receive is being processed through an application they obtain either from the appropriate providers of such applications performing shareholders' file management or from their own in-house applications. Following the above processing, the shareholders' file can be read and printed in the desired format, through the settings of such applications for shareholders' file management.

The aforementioned files include the data that either the brokerage companies or the custodians enter upon the opening of an Investor's Share in the D.S.S., or during the update of an Investor's Share with new information arising from future changes as stated by application of the concerned investor. During the input of investors' data in the D.S.S., Greek and Latin characters are used, according to ISO 8859-7 (ΕLΟΤ 928).

Additionally, upon request of the issuer, the aforementioned files can also be produced in a transliterated format (i.e. automatic transcription of the Greek characters into Latin characters, like in the passport issuance procedure), according to ISO 843. In this manner, practically the issuers are able to receive the complete shareholders' file also in Latin characters, in order to cover particular needs.

  • Concurrently, the Athens Exchange, in its effort to cover fully the needs of the issuers, issues upon request - free of charge - certificates either with the data of their major shareholders, or their free-float, as well as, certificates of their capacity as listed companies. All certificates are available in the Greek and the English language. Wherever there is a particular request for the certification of the  authenticity of the certificate, the international practice "apostille" is followed.
  • In any case, upon receiving specialized requests by its listed companies, the Athens Exchange develops and enhances the services offered, in order to satisfy its' companies' particular needs.


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