Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) provides the real time data information to its ATHEX Data Feed Customers (Data Vendors, Subvendors, Market Members), through a highly efficient technical environment. The ATHEX operates state of the art Data Centers in Athens and London and offers connectivity and proximity services to Data Vendors. All available means of connectivity, including Leased Lines, International Extranets and Internet are supported.

The Real Time Market Data products support advanced features such as Indicative Auction Prices and Volumes, Projected Market Close Prices and detailed order flow information.

In addition to this, ATHEX offers to Data Vendors the opportunity to have access to both Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) and Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) Real Time Market Data, with significantly reduced costs by utilizing:

  • Common data feed specification and connectivity solution to the ATHEX Data Feed Transmission System, resulting to reduced systems development and operational cost.
  • Common contract - only with ATHEX, resulting to reduced license fees.
  • Common reporting obligations/mechanism to ATHEX (CSE Data Feed products are treated as ATHEX products), thus and reducing administration burden.
  • The ATHEX & CSE 10BBO Securities Market feed is offered in a combined product, under a competitive price scheme.

ATHEX, in the context of providing reduced cost solutions, offers a series of significant discounts in Exchange Fees, please see the "BENEFITS OFFERED TO DATA FEED DISTRIBUTORS" documents for more details.

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 Benefits offered to Data Feed Distributors  
Significant Points of Data Feed Content
Common Data Feed
CSE Real Time Market Data Feed


For further information concerning the above please be so kind to contact the DFS Service, here.

The ATHEX Data Feed Clients that act as Real Time Data Redistributors, fall under the following categories:

  • ATHEX Data Vendors,
  • ATHEX Subvendors,
  • ATHEX Members.

For more information concerning the characteristics of the above mentioned Data Feed Clients Categories, please press here

Please read here the Press Release announced about the Athens Stock Exchange awarded, concerning the Data Feed Services, as "An Outstanding Data Provider by FISD".





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