ATHEXCSD, in the context of its Foreign Securities Transaction Services, may create links with foreign Central Securities Depositories (CSD), directly or through credit institutions acting as custodians, and maintain an omnibus Securities account with them in its name but on behalf of third party beneficiaries, in accordance to the legal framework governing the foreign securities. The securities registered in the above mentioned omnibus securities accounts held by ATHEXCSD with its Providers (linked CSDs and custodians), are recorded in the Securities Accounts of the beneficiary investors and are monitored in the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS) through book entries. 

ATHEXCSD maintains CSD links offering services to shares, ETFs and other equity products, through cooperating providers (CSDs/custodians), in the following foreign markets:                 

Foreign Securities/Markets  CSD Provider
Germany  Clearstream Banking Frankfurt (CBF)  
Australia  ASX SIX SIS
Austria OeKB
Belgium  Euroclear Belgium
Canada  CDS
Denmark  VP 
France  Euroclear France
Finland  Euroclear Finland 
Hong Kong  HKEx 
Ireland  Euroclear Ireland
Italy  Monte Titoli
Netherlands  Euroclear Netherlands
New Zealand  New Zealand CSD
Norway  VPS
Portugal  Euroclear Portugal
Singapore  SGX/CDP 
South Africa STRATE
Spain  Iberclear
Sweden  VPC 
Swiss  SIX SIS
UK-LSE  Euroclear CREST
UK-LSE ΙΟΒ (USD)  Euroclear Bank 


Foreign Securities Transaction Services include the following individual services:

To provide safe, efficient, and competitive Foreign Securities Transaction Services, the existing technological and operational infrastructures used by Participants are utilized, such as the DSS and the ATHEX Transaction Network (ETN).           

 An ATHEXCSD Participant that wishes to use the Foreign Securities Transaction Services, should complete the Application for the Provision of Foreign Securities Settlement and Registration Services (Form INVCSD001) specifying the Purchases of interest and the numbers of money settlement accounts in the respective currencies.                    

More detailed information on issues regarding the Foreign Securities Transaction Services in the DSS are provided in the Frequently Asked Questions (available only in the Greek).




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