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The Athens Stock Exchange provides to the investors, information regarding the daily activity of its Markets, such as market/category trading data, branch transaction data, packets, closing prices, etc.

CSDR Regulation

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ROOTS, together we grow

Regulation (CSDR) aims to increase financial stability, improve cross-border efficiency and harmonisation ανδ promote competition and consolidation within the EU Single Market. Read more...

The Athens Stock Exchange joined the UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) initiative in 2018, and developed the "ESG Reporting Guide", seeking to promote and enhance the ESG reporting practices of Greek-listed companies. Read more...

Roots aims to accelerate the growth of innovative Greek SMEs and start-ups, and help them obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to design and effectively communicate their proposals to investors, and access financing opportunities through the Greek capital market. Read more...


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Digital Signatures by ATHEX Trust Services

Presentation on the recent changes of the ATHEX Indices

ΑΤΗΕΧ Annual General Meeting was held remotely

Presentation about the services and applications provided by the Athex Trust Center. Certifications / Qualifications - Projects and Advantages of the Athex Trust Services. Read more
June 23, 2020

A presentation of the restructuring of existing as well as the introduction of new Indices on ATHEX and their future use June 22nd, 2020

ΑΤΗΕΧ 19th Annual General Meeting was held remotely through the new service AXIA e-Shareholders΄Meeting on May 29th, 2020.


ATHEX's CFO Digital Roundtable



The impact of the Covid-19  - "the next day" - Exchange ideas about the new challenges we face
April 28-29, 2020



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ATHEXAcademy seeks to provide qualitative training services to those who may be interested on stock market issues as well as to uphold and support the certification policy of the ATHEX Group. Read more...

Meet our services and applications and contact us to discuss and determine the one that covers your needs in the best way! We have the knowledge, we provide a stable & reliable environment, we can create the best solution for you! Read more...

The Athens Exchange S.A. is registered in the registers kept by the EETT, as "electronic signature Certification service provider issuing qualified certificates" and as "electronic signature Certification service provider"  Read more...



Business Continuity Management System



Hellenic Exchanges - Athens Stock Exchange has successfully completed the certification according to the international standard ISO22301:2012 of the Business Continuity Management System, that has already implemented and put into operation.



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