Special Services


This concerns the provision of the following special services/tasks to serve, as appropriate, the respective beneficiary requests:

1.  Deactivation or Termination of Client Securities Accounts


The Share must be empty (i.e. there must be no securities in the Securities and Special Account), there must be no connection with the Joint Investor or Co-Owner Share and there must be no active code in the Derivatives Exchange.

The deactivation is performed following submission to ATHEXCSD of a Share Account Deactivation Application (ΑΙΤ006) by the investor either in person or by mail with certification of the authenticity of their signature.

Fee  (Resolution No 18 of ATHEXCSD Board of Directors): EUR 10 per request plus VAT.

2. Consolidation of Investor Shares


It concerns two or more client shares of the same natural or legal person, according to the ATHEXCSD Rulebook and Decision No 4 of the Board of Directors. Each client is required to maintain one Share. Moreover, a consolidation shall be carried out between a Joint Investor Share and an individual joint beneficiary Share remaining as the last one in a Joint Investor Share, provided the succession indication is "YES".

To consolidate the Client Shares of an Investor, the following actions are required: 

The Share identification data must match. Otherwise, a change of Share data is needed first by submitting the relevant application (ΑΙΤ004) by the investor either in person or by mail with certification of the authenticity of their signature.

The Participant who keeps under its management the securities of the absorbed Share shall bind them as a result of a Statement of Intent.

Submit to ATHEXCSD the relevant Application for Share Consolidation (ΑΙΤ005)  either in person or by mail with certification of the authenticity of their signature. ATHEXCSD shall complete the request by deactivating the absorbed Share and transferring its securities to the destination Participant of the Share kept.

Fee  (Resolution No 18 of ATHEXCSD Board of Directors): EUR 10 per request plus VAT.

3. Transfer of securities to a Participant Account


For the DSS transfer the beneficiaries are required proceed as follows:
Conclusion of a cooperation agreement with an ATHEXCSD Participant (brokerage firm or Bank) of their choice, if they do not already have an active Participant Account.
Submission of a securities transfer request to ATHEXCSD-Accounts and Registry Services Department for the transfer of securities to an active Participant Account of their choice, through the relevant Securities Transfer Application (AIT059):
The application shall be submitted either through the competent Participant or by mail with certification as to the authenticity of the beneficiary signature.
The transfer service is provided at a fee of EUR 1 per security transfer instruction (Resolution No 18 of ATHEXCSD Board of Directors), in addition to the fees for securities safekeeping in the special Provisional Transfer Account.




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