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Repayment and Termination of trading of Bond Loan - 4th Interest Payment Period of the Common Bond Loan

TERNA ENERGY FINANCE SOCIETE ANONYME (the "Company"),  further to its announcement dated 7.6.2019, concerning its decision to prepay the total nominal value of the bonds issued and disposed through a public offer, pursuant to the Bond Loan Program dated 12.07.2017 of up to € 60,000,000 and the Bondholder Agency Agreement (the "Program"), informs the investors that 17.7.2019 is the last trading day on the Athens Exchange, of the aforementioned bonds of the Company. 

According to the terms of the Program, Friday, 19 July 2019 is set as the record date for the beneficiaries. As part of the prepayment and as provided for in the Program, on Monday, July 22, 2019 the following amounts shall be paid: a) the total nominal value of the bonds, i.e. € 1,000 per bond; (b) the accrued interest up to 22 July 2019 per bond, the gross interest amount for the 4th Interest Payment Period (21/1/2019-22/7/2019), which corresponds to 60,000 bonds currently traded on the Athens Exchange, is euro 1.167.833,33 i.e. euro 19.4638888889 per bond and has been calculated at an annual interest rate of 3.85% (before tax); and (c) an additional prepayment amount equal to 1% of the nominal value of the prepaid bonds, thus a gross amount of  €10 per bond. Therefore, for each bond with a nominal value of € 1,000, the bondholder will receive a total amount of € 1,029.4638 analyzed as follows: € 1,000 nominal value, € 19.4638 interest and € 10 additional gross prepayment amount.

The payment to the bondholders will take place through the “Hellenic Central Securities Depositary S.A.” (ATHEXCSD) on Monday, 22 July 2019 as follows:

1. Through the operators of the beneficiaries in the Dematerialized Security System (Banks and Securities firms) for the bondholders that have authorized their operators for the collection, according to the D.S.S. Operations Regulation and ATHEXCSD relevant resolutions.

2. By deposit to the International Bank Account Number (IBAN), which the bondholder has declared in order to receive the distributed amounts, according to article 13 of the D.S.S. Operations Regulation and Decision no. 6of ATHEXCSD Board of Directors, as in force, to bondholders who do not wish to receive the distributed amounts through their Operators.

3.Through the network of branches of the Bondholder's Agent (or its authorized representatives), for Bondholders to whom for various reasons payment of the amounts as referred to in 1 and 2 above has not been effected. Payments to Bondholders who have not authorized an Operator to collect the amounts of the Debt and the Bondholders who have registered the Bonds in a Special Account will be made at the offices of the Agent at 110, Athinon Avenue, in Athens, daily from 9.00 am until 16.00, Greece time, or in a bank account, which will be notified in writing, in accordance with the specific provisions of the D.S.S. Operation Regulation and the relevant decisions of the ATHEXCSD.

It is hereby clarified that according to the currently applicable legislation, the right to collect interest amount expires if not collected within the time limit of five (5) years and any relevant amount shall be reimbursed to the Hellenic Republic. 


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