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PURCHASE OF OWN SHARES (Correct Repetition)

TITAN CEMENT COMPANY S.A. announces that on the 12thJuly 2019, the Company purchased, through Alpha Finance 25,000 common own shares at an average purchase price per share of Euro 18.08 and 500 preference own shares, at an average purchase price per share of Euro 18.00, thus a total purchase of Euro 452,060.34 and Euro 9,000.00 respectively, in implementation of the decision dated 1st June 2018 of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and the resolution dated 1st June 2018 of the Board of Directors, pursuant to article 16 of Law 2190/1920.

Following the above transaction, the Company owns 4,637,417 common shares, representing 6.02% of the voting rights of the Company and 203,830 preference shares.




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