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Announcement of material changes in voting rights - L.3556/2007 (Correct Repetition)

Lamda Development SA (the Company) announces in accordance with the Athens Exchange Regulation, law 3556/2007 and Regulation 596/2014/EU, each as applicable, that pursuant to the TR1 notification dated 29 July 2020 and submitted by Mr Tryfon Natsis (and which replaces the TR1 submitted with respect to the same transactions on 27 July 2020), on 24 July 2020, Mr Tryfon Natsis held directly through a joint account that he maintains with Ms Despoina Natsi, 3.53% of the total shares and voting rights in the Company, and controlled in totak 6.36% of the total voting rights in the Company, due to the investment discretion that he has in the following funds i.e. Brevan Howard TN Macro Master Fund Limited (BTN), Brevan Howard Master Fund Limited (BHM) καιBrevan Howard Multi-Strategy Master Fund Limited (BMS), which on 24 July 2020 acquired in total 2.831% of the shares and voting rights in the Company. The abovementioned investment funds are managed by Brevan Howard Capital Management Limited (BHCML), an entity with registered office in Jersey, authorised and regulated by Jersey Financial Services Commission.. It is also noted in the same TR1 notification that BHM, BTN and BMS funds are Cayman based and have their own board of directors. Each of these funds is beneficially owned by feeder funds, one Cayman based and one Delaware based. These feeder funds, which have the same boards of directors as BHM, BTN and BMS, are beneficially owned by the investors within the feeder funds. BHM, BTN and BMS have appointed BHCML as manager. Tryfon and Despina Natsis own shares in the Company in their joint account. Tryfon is a Co-Founder of Brevan Howard and has investment discretion in the BHM, BTN and BMS funds.


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