Kostas Karanassios

Deputy Chief Post-Trading Services & Issuers Support Officer

Mr. Kostas Karanassios is Deputy Chief Post-Trading Services & Issuers Support Officer at Athens Exchange Group (ATHEX Group).

From his current position, as a Senior Professional in Capital Market Infrastructures with an Information Technology (IT) engineering background, he plays a lead role in ATHEXClear's and ATHEXCSD's operations and business development of Post Trading Services, and coordinates the implementation of ATHEX Group's strategic actions on continuous improvement of internal organization and operational effectiveness. He joined the ATHEXGROUP in 1997, after an 8 years' successful career in Computer Technology Institute (CTI), an Academic R&D Institution. Since then, he has served at ATHEX Group from various senior IT and business management positions, covering a wide range of IT and business operations and development projects. 

Being successful in aligning IT strategy and architecture with corporate mission to meet business strategic goals for private and government clients, he has an over 33 years' total working experience, an over 18 years' experience in operations and business development of trading & post trading services in Capital Market Infrastructures, and an over 15 years' direct experience as a Senior IT Systems Architect/Manager, Business Analyst, Project Manager and Operations Manager of large-scale IT Infrastructures in both public and private sector. He is a results-oriented leader, highly skilled in orchestrating and executing Capital Markets regulatory compliance, organizational improvement and business development projects, particularly in Post Trading Services.

Mr. Kostas Karanassios was born in January 1966. He holds a diploma degree from the Computer Engineering & Informatics Department of the Polytechnic School of University of Patras and certificates from numerous continuing education and vocational training programs and conferences, particularly in IT, Project Management, Operations & Development of Capital Market Infrastructures and Leadership.