Corporate responsibility - Participations


HELEX Group -  member of CSR Hellas

The "Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility" is a business network having the form of a non-profit association. Its mission is to promote the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility to both the business community and to the social environment, with the ultimate aim of achieving a balance between profitability and sustainable development. HELEX Group is a Member of the network since 2006, and actively participates in a large part of its activities.


Member of the Institute of Customer Service

HELEX Group became a member of the institute of Customer Service in 2011. The Institute is a non-profit organization of 37 international, large Greek companies and scientific institutions operating in Greece. The activities of the Institute aim to recognize and upgrade the role of those who directly or indirectly are in contact with customers. ICS's Mission is the development and promotion of quality customer services, citizens and consumers in the Greek private or public sectors.


Member of the Junior Achievement Greece (JAG)

We are member of JAG and support its efforts to promote entrepreneurship and skills development as the basis for a successful professional selection for young people. The entrepreneurship programs mainly concern students in private and public schools. Executives from various companies support the effort of these ‘business lessons' by sharing their expertise and knowledge.



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