Dates:     5th & 7th April 2022
Time:     16:30-18:00
Duration:     6 hours
Course language:     English
Course format:     Asynchronous and synchronous online courses
Patricipation fee:     800€ +VAT (24%), 25% discount offered for the second participant (onward) from an organization
Material level:      
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Short description

In today's competitive environment, leading companies are recognizing that environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) in addition to financial capital needs to be measured and managed. This training course, through a series of structured lectures, will provide participants with an overview of the fundamental concepts and necessary knowledge needed to understand the ESG issues related to business activities in the Greek market, the relevant regulatory framework, the benefits that arise for companies related to ESG integration, as well as the best practices they can follow to enhance the sustainability performance of their businesses.

Target audience

Board Members
Senior Management (C-suite)


Capital markets and the financial sector are embracing the integration of ESG factors into their business practices as well as their respective corporate reporting requirements. Corporate non-financial disclosure and transparency on ESG considerations is evolving in a variety of ways to respond to the increasing demand for information.

As a central point of reference for companies, investors and regulators, Stock Exchanges can facilitate the information flow, enhance the level of ESG disclosure and performance and contribute to more sustainable capital markets that are oriented towards long-term value creation. The Athens Stock Exchange, in collaboration with KKS Advisors, decided to develop a specialized training course on ESG issues addressed to C-suite level Executives. The purpose of the course is to enable Board Members and Top Executives of Greek companies to acquire the necessary knowledge needed to comprehensively and effectively manage the relevant ESG issues for their businesses and to easily identify the related risks and opportunities.


The main objectives of the ESG Executive Course are as follows:

  • Raising awareness on the importance of ESG transparency and highlighting business opportunities related to sustainability.
  • Improving the management of investor queries in relation to ESG.
  • Integrating relevant and important ESG data in the investment decision-making process of companies.
  • Effectively implementing upcoming ESG regulations and frameworks.
  • Enhancing the ESG performance of Greek companies.

The online course consists of five (5) modules.
Three (3) asynchronous and two (2) synchronous.

Upon registration, the participants will have 2 weeks (prior to the two (2) synchronous modules) to complete the first three (3) asynchronous modules of the course at their own pace through an online training platform.

The duration of the three (3) asynchronous modules is approximately one (1) hour each. The training ensures an understanding of the topics covered through a short end-quiz for each module. Subsequently, the two (2) synchronous modules are going to take place through a video conference platform.

The duration of the (2) synchronous modules is approximately one and a half (1.5) hour each. The exact dates of the online synchronous modules will be released upon registration.

Course plan

Module 1 - Introduction to ESG and Financial Materiality
Understand the fundamentals of ESG, the case for it, the megatrends and the related risks and opportunities.

Module 2 - ESG Regulatory Landscape
Understand the ESG regulatory landscape and the upcoming requirements that companies will have to meet.

Module 3 - ESG Data Ecosystem
Understand the data ecosystem including ESG rating agencies, market growth, performance of Greek companies, and data limitations.

Module 4 - Setting up the Governance Structure for Sustainability
Understand how an organization's governance structure can promote sustainability.

Module 5 - ESG and Value Creation
Understand how organizations become ready to implement inclusive growth.

Brief Introduction of KKS Advisors

KKS Advisors is a strategy consultancy specializing in sustainability, formed with the mission to help organizations build effective strategies that pave the way for a sustainable society. KKS' vision is to reshape markets, building a world where business and investment decisions are made for the long term, taking environmental, social and governance factors into account. The firm was co-founded by Harvard Business School Professor George Serafeim, one of the world's leading experts in ESG and sustainability.

KKS aims to enable clients to create sustainable and long-term value through the integrated management of economic, environmental, social and governance factors. They work with companies, investors, foundations and NGOs, adopting a ‘systems' perspective to drive change.

The unique approach of KKS is determined by three key features. First, the KKS approach is informed by rigorous academic standards reinforced by the firm's association with leading academics at Harvard Business School and London Business School. Second, their extensive experience working with high profile clients including companies, investors and NGOs enables them to develop market-leading solutions that can be effectively implemented. Thirdly, KKS recognizes the complexity of social and environmental challenges in a globalized world and adopts a ‘systems' approach to build sustainable business models.




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