ATHEX provides a simple and flexible framework for the listing of ETF units, of any type of Greek or foreign UCITS, such as ETFs of passive management, ETFs of active management, complex ETFs.

The listing requirements are as follows:

  • The ETF and the ETF Issuer must have the appropriate licenses for their operation from the Competent Authorities and fulfill any specific requirements that may relate to its operation and listing on a regulated market. 
  • The ETF Issuer must comply with the disclosure obligations for the investors (information document, periodic financial statements, etc.) and the notification or licensing obligations, concerning the distribution of the ETF units in Greece, in accordance with the relevant provisions in force.
  • The ETF units must be freely transferable and tradable.
  • The ETF characteristics must allow the indicative net asset value (iNAV) to be disseminated to the investing public
  • The benchmark index of the ETF or the underlying assets of the ETF must be able to be calculated in a transparent manner.
  • At least one (1) Market Maker must have been appointed
  • The ETF information document as well as any other information report required by the provisions in force must have been available to the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and the Athens Stock Exchange.
  • The ETF's listing application must refer to all the ETF units; Equal treatment of the unitholders must be ensured.
  • The ETF Issuer must have a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI).

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