Announcement of completion for spin-off of branch

                Athens, 08.08.2019


The company under the trade name "ELVALHALCOR HELLENIC COPPER AND ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY S.A." (hereinafter referred to as "ELVALHALCOR S.A.) announces to investors, according to  article 17 par. 1 of Regulation (ΕU) 596/2014 of the European Parliament and the Council of 16th April 2014, and article 2, par. 4 of Decision No 3/347/12.7.2005 of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, that:


Following ELVALHALCOR S.A.'s announcement of 05.02.2019, regarding the transformation of the branch in Pogoni-Ioannina,  into a newly founded company limited by shares (“Société anonyme”) in accordance with the third section of par. 2 of article 52 of L. 4172/2013, as replaced by article 23, par. 6.c., of L. 4223/2013, the transformation was completed on 08.08.2019 and from 08.08.2019 the branch will be operating as a company limited by shares under the trade name “EPIRUS METALWORKS SINGLE MEMBER S.A.”.



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