EUROHOME New Mortgage Lending Progammes from EFG Eurobank Ergasias

Three new Mortgage Lending Programmes with the advantage of low installments over a period chosen by the clients themselves, with main floating interest rate 7,1% , are offered, as of today, by EFG Eurobank Ergasias through its branch networks, Eurobank and Ergasias. The new mortgage lending programmes are as follows: § EUROHOME The interest rate is 5.8% for the first 6 months, during which period the monthly installment amounts to GRD 5,950 per million. The loan duration ranges from 2 to 30 years. § EUROHOME LOW START The monthly installment amounts to GRD 4,900 per million, for a period of up to two years (low start duration, for 12 or 24 months). § EUROHOME GRACE PERIOD ZERO INSTALLMENT For a period of up to two years (grace period for 12 or 24 months).The new Mortgage Lending Programmes EUROHOME offer broad flexibility to the client, due to their exceptionally low installments, especially during the initial lending period, which tends to be financially, the hardest for the client.The underlying philosophy of the Eurohome programmes is to offer freedom of choice to the client, so that he chooses from the broad variety of mortgage programmes of the Bank (the biggest in the greek market).Within the framework of this philosophy, specialised Mortgage Advisors of the Bank, are at the service of the client, ready to elaborate on the new programmes and to suggest the one that suits the client best, according to his personal needs, so that he adjusts his basic choice into his own personal programme. Moreover, EUROHOME loans are accompanied by direct approval of the Open Personal Loan Eurobank, under preferential terms, for further convenience to the clients.-


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