Notification concerning acquisition of voting rights according to L. 3556/2007

According to L.3556/2007, GEK TERNA SA discloses that a notification was received today by the shareholder REGGEBORGH INVEST B.V., according to which on March 24, 2020 there was a change (increase) in its withholding voting rights and specifically:

Number of shares and voting rights prior to the previous transaction notification:  25,968,005 thus 25.1084 % of the total voting rights of the Company.     

Number of shares and voting rights after the last transaction: 31,292,010 shares and voting rights, thus a percentage of 30.2562 % of the total voting rights of the Company, which amounts to 103,423,291.  

The above mentioned notification also included a statement of the shareholder REGGEBORGH INVEST B.V. that it is not controlled by any natural person or legal entity and that it does not control any other undertaking(s) holding directly or indirectly an interest in GEK TERNA S.A.


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