Athens Exchange Group (AthexGroup), is the operator of the regulated markets, the multilateral trading facilities (MTFs) and carbon market as well as the over the counter market (OTC) in Greece.

More specifically the markets which operate in AthexGroup are the following:

  • Regulated securities market, where investors can trade - among others - in stocks, ETFs and bonds
  • Regulated derivatives market, where available for trading are Futures, Options and Repos
  • Alternative market, where investors can trade in stocks
  • Carbon market, where auctions for the primary allocation of  EUAs is realized and
  • OTC market, where securities transfers between investors are realized, off market.

In addition to the above markets, AthexGroup is the institution which through the high quality and reliable technological infrastructure that has developed, the Xnet network, provides investors with the opportunity to access directly and realize trades in foreign markets.

In the pages that follow you can find information about the way these markets are organized and their participants, the products available for trading in these markets as well as information regarding the hours and days of their operation.








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