Board of Directors

ΑΤΗΕΧ is currently managed by a Board of Directors consisting of thirteen (13) members elected by secret ballot by the General Meeting of Shareholders.

The table below shows the composition of the Board of Directors today:

  Name Position
1. George Handjinicolaou Chairman, non-executive member
2. Alexios Pilavios Vice Chairman, non-executive member
3. Socrates Lazaridis CEO, executive member
4. Alexandros Antonopoulos Independent non-executive member
5. Konstantinos Vassiliou Non-executive member
6. Giorgos Doukidis Independent non-executive member
7. Ioannis Emiris Non-executive member
8. Polyxeni Kazoli Independent non-executive member
9. Sofia Kounenaki - Efraimoglou Independent non-executive member
10. Ioannis Kyriakopoulos Non-executive member
11.  Adamantini Lazari Independent non-executive member
12.  Spyridoula Papagiannidou Independent non-executive member
13.  Nikolaos Chryssochoidis Non-executive member


The BoD was elected by the Annual General Meeting of the shareholders of the Company on 30.5.2019 (Press Release), for a four year term, which is prolonged de jure until the Annual General Meeting of shareholders which will be held or called to a meeting after the end of its term of service.

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