How will LEPS benefit ATHEX'S processes

LEPS project will demonstrate the usability of eIDAS specification in the private sector, contributing to connecting the IT infrastructures of the online services provided by private services providers, with the eIDAS eID common services. One of the main benefits of LEPS is to reduce costs for private online service providers for their back office customization and connection to eIDAS infrastructure based communication with different tools and services using eIDAS compliant infrastructure In this way, a European citizen can get access to protected online service offered by a service provider from a different country of the citizen country.


ATHEX Identity Service Provider
Remote eSignature Service
(ATHEX Sign)
A non-authenticated user is asked to authenticate in order to consume a service provided by Greek service provider through ATHEX Sign

Athex-Sign Service, is an oline service offered to European citizens in order to sign on the go, the benefits are being summarized as follows:

  • The limitation of the required original identity documents as well as the need of physical presence for the new user at the Registration Office of the service.
  • The speed-up and the ease of use of the registration process especially for users abroad.
  • The promotion and further advertisement of the ATHEX Digital Signature services especially in the international users and therefore, the expansion of the customer base of the Service
  • The minimization of the internal resources needed for the operation of the service with respect to the potential users, coming from the eIDAS network.

Through AxiaWEB, it is allowed to any European Union citizen-investor to register and login via eIDAS, in order to see his/her position in the Greek Central Securities Depository. LEPS will help AxiaWEB service regarding the following issues:

  • The delay and overhead reduction of opening new accounts, for users coming from eIDAS with existing eIDs.
  • The minimization of the internal resources needed for the operation of the service with respect to the eIDAS users.
  • Further automation of the registration process of the service.





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