ATHEXGROUP Remuneration Policy

The Company «HELLENIC EXCHANGES - ATHENS STOCK EXCHANGE S.A. (ATHEX)» establishes the basic principles and rules in relation to the remuneration of the Members of the Board of Directors (BoD) and the Executives of the Company («Remuneration Policy») that contribute to the corporate strategy, the long-term interests and sustainability of the Company.

The scope of the Remuneration Policy, is to maximize corporate value, through a culture of continuous improvement, development, high performance and commitment to the achievement of goals and the interests of all stakeholders. The Remuneration Policy sets the guiding principles that the Human Resource Management Division should bear in mind during the implementation of the remuneration strategy of the Group.

This document, describes the Remuneration Policy adopted and approved by the Company in compliance with the prevailing institutional and regulatory framework in Greece including the Law 4548/2018 for Soci?t? Anonyme, the Law 3016/2002 for Corporate Governance and its best practices.

Implementation Framework

In compliance to Article 110 of Law 4548/2018, this Remuneration Policy is established and applied for the Members of the BoD and the Executives of the Company (CEO, General Managers). With relevant statutory provisions the Remuneration Policy applies and is extended, in line with Article 110 (1) of Law 4548/2018, to Executive members of the Company, as these are stated in the international Accounting Standard 24 (9), since these Executives contribute in the long-term success of the Company.

More specifically, the implementation framework of the Remuneration Policy includes the following individuals that have the authority and the responsibility to design, manage and control the activities of the Company, directly or indirectly:

Α. Members of the BoD
Β. The following individuals ("Executives")

  1. Senior Executives (C-Suite) (CEO, General Managers)
  2. Top Management (Directors & Heads of Units)
  3. Head of Risk Management


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