Electronic Book Building (EBB)

The Electronic Book Building (EBB) is a service offered by ATHEX to support the fund-  raising process through ATHEX.

The EBB is a new fund-raising mechanism provided centrally in the trading order routing system, in an attempt to effectively use the network of ATHEX Members (banks and brokerage firms) and their clients, with the aim of offering liquidity for business proposals of companies seeking funds.

Whom EBB service is intended for

The EBB fund-raising mechanism may be used by;

  • Companies that wish to fund their investment plans,
    • companies that are in the early states of their business development,
    • companies with long presence,
    • whether Greek or foreign,
    • whose transferable securities are or will be traded.
  • Advisers of the companies that wish to use the Athens Exchange central system and the ATHEX network of Members for fund-raising, determination of best offer price and automated processing of the funding procedure.

Advantages for companies

The EBB fund-raising mechanism is implemented within the current trading system that the ATHEX members safely and reliably use on a daily basis. Use of the EBB achieves;

  • Central reception and management of all participation orders placed by investors that wish to fund a business proposal (share or bond).
  • Determination of the best offer price for transferable securities (shares & bonds), and arrangement for sufficient free float (if required).
  • Fund-raising both on and after admission of a transferable security for trading.
  • Provision of an efficient mechanism for the faster credit of transferable securities in the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS) of ATHEXCSD and the commencement of trading.
  • Direct and continuous monitoring of the share offer procedure by companies and their consultants.
  • Automation in the sequence of steps for the faster and more effective admission of securities for trading.
  • Full logistics support to involved parties by ATHEX Group.

Advantages for Members and investors
  • Use of network of ATHEX Members and their clients for fund-raising.
  • Use of existing connectivity infrastructure with ATHEX Group and trading, clearing, settlement and registration processes which are currently available to the Members both in relation to their clients and to ATHEX Group.
  • Minimization/elimination of errors thanks to the automated uniqueness checks of each investor's register, account and particulars.
  • Time and action efficiency, thanks to the automatic registration of participating investor particulars in the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS).
  • Access to participation for any investor in Greece or abroad, whether institutional or retail, in a very simple procedure.
  • New products and services in the network of clients.

The role of ΑΤΗΕΧ in EBB
  • Provides the appropriate infrastructure (electronic systems & technical support)
  • Guarantees the effectiveness and transparency of the procedure
  • Provides an integrated process for;
    • the reception of participation requests,
    • the determination of price and best allocation of transferable securities,
    • the creation of a securities allocation record,
    • the credit of investor accounts with securities and
    • the payout of funds raised from investors,
using the existing infrastructure of the Members and the existing procedures for transactions, clearing, settlement and registration of securities in the systems of ΑΤΗΕΧ.

EBB service implementation procedure

The EBB service implementation stages can be summarized as follows;

  • The following will be announced;
    • Duration of the fund-raising procedure (number of business days), and
    • The key features of the issue (e.g. number of offered transferable securities, offer price or price range, total funds required, etc).
  • If so required, the relevant information material to prospective investors about the company and the details of the upcoming issue will be posted on the website of ATHEX .
  • Interested investors may contact their operators/ATHEX Members to place their participation order and pay the relevant amount which they wish to subscribe.
  • The Members will register each investor's participation order with the EBB service.
  • On completion of the EBB process, the relevant allocation algorithm will be executed and the system will automatically generate the allocation of transferable securities, taking demand into account.
  • The money raised by ATHEX will be paid to the company as soon as the procedure is complete.
  • Participation of an investor in EBB will be conditional upon the existence (or creation) of a register and a securities account with the DSS. Opening of a register and a securities account in the DSS will be made by ATHEX Members following the standard procedure.
  • No restrictions apply to the categories of investors that may subscribe or their country of origin.

Information to be filled in by a company to implement the EBB service

To use the EBB service, an interested company will fill in one of the following applications, depending on the security type (share οr bond).

With Range File type
Application For the use of EBB Service - Share Range 1 Bookrunner
With Range File Type
Application For the use of EBB Service - Bond with Range 1 Bookrunner
Application For the use of EBB Service - Bond with Range 2 Bookrunners
Application For the use of EBB Service - Bond with Range 3 Bookrunners
Without Range File Type
Application For the use of EBB Service - Bond without Range 1 Bookrunner
Application For the use of EBB Service - Bond without Range 2 Bookrunners
Application For the use of EBB Service - Bond without Range 3 Bookrunners

For more information, interested persons may contact with the Listings & Issuers Division.


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