Specialized services

Pre Agenda Analysis

The aim of this service is to highlight, in advance, the recommendations that will be published by proxy advisors and, if needed, raise any critical and potential issues that could also result in negative votes by the international financial community.

Proxy Advisory Management

The aim of this activity is to discuss the proposals on the meeting agenda with major proxy advisors, covering the Greek market, in order to reduce the risk of negative recommendations which may be a result of an un-friendly disclosure timeline or a misunderstanding of the various proposals. A direct contact with proxy advisor analysts will ensure understanding and minimize any negative impact on the voting outcome related to proxy advisory recommendations over the agenda proposals.

The scope of the activity is:

·        Awareness of global and local proxy advisors such as ISS-Riskmetrics or Glass Lewis  covering  the company's general meeting

·        Provide the official documentation available related to the general meeting

·        Assistance and clarification on any doubt or proposals and, if necessary, provision of additional information.


·        Provide timely feedback over the various issues that may arise on the proposed resolutions.Information

  • Market information on the voting procedure of the issuer and assisting institutional investors for any issues that concern them, in the period before the General Meeting
  • Verify that the documents and information provide all the necessary information related to the issues on the agenda and manage on time according to international best practices.
  • Distribution to investors the necessary material for their participation in the General Meeting.

Information Agent AGM

The aim of this service is to inform institutional investors, global and local custodians, electronic voting platforms, proxy advisors and clearing houses about the company's shareholders' meeting i.e.

·        Review and dissemination of official documentation (meeting agenda and related documents)

·        Inform all financial players involved in a shareholder meeting about voting procedures and relevant deadlines.

·        Verify all documentation and information is managed in a timely manner and respects the international best practices guidelines

·        Distribution to investors of the necessary materials for participation to the shareholder meeting

·        Provide institutional investors assistance to any problem arising in the period before the shareholders' meeting.

Post Meeting Analysis

The post meeting analysis allows the company to analyse the behaviour of its shareholders, in terms of participation and support of management. A comparison of the shareholders list on the current register with the voting records at the GM will allow management to understand the behaviour of its investors and identify areas of improvement in terms of participation for future shareholder meetings.




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