Specialized services

Shareholder Register Analysis

The analysis of the shareholders' register allows the Issuer to understand how the financial community has focused its investments through the classification of each category of investor (geographic, number of shares, sex, age etc), custodian banks, type of investors etc and gives a clear picture of the breakdown of the share capital at a specific date.

Shareholder Identification

This service identifies, understands, categorizes the company's shareholder base, develops and adapts subsequent actions for each class of shareholders, through direct contact with investor. In a period of 3-4 weeks, there will be an update of all positions from beneficial owners and financial intermediaries (clearing houses, global custodians, local custodians etc).

Furthermore, a global identification process of the company's investors will be performed in order to map the entire shareholder's base and define an efficient target process for a subsequent service phase where their response is expected.

Retail Segmentation Following an analysis of the retail shareholder base, its composition, a retail segmentation is intended to provide an issuer with demographic and statistical information: propensity to invest, loyalty, classes of shares, geographic analysis of the investor and concentration within each bank.

The main parameters of the analysis are:

  • Holdings per classes of shares
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geographic location
  • Custodian banks where retail shareholders have deposited their shares
  • Historical analysis based on loyalty (retail shareholders constantly present in the shareholding of the company in the past years),
  • The relationship between share ownership and participation at the shareholders'  meeting

Retail Programs

The aim of a retail program is to ensure and develop a channel of communication with retail shareholders, to initiate a stable relationship and at the same time conform to the highest international standards of corporate governance through:

  •  Benchmarking the retail programs adopted by major peers
  •  Evaluate a channel of communication with retail shareholders to launch an awareness campaign
  •  Management of communication plan between the company and its retail shareholders in connection with company events.




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